Mission & Vision

To create a consortium between researchers, academia and industries based on the founding principle of ethics, conservation and sustainable environment. We focus on searching for creative answers to today’s energy challenges. From fundamental science to energy analysis and validating new products for the commercial market, our team is dedicated to transform the way the world uses and conserve energy and the environment.

Innovation & Incubation Centre

Innovation & Incubation Centre focuses on fostering & identifying early stage research projects, innovations or technologies with socio economic importance. We extend our resources to provide technical & commercial guidance along with laboratory services to convert them into commercially viable products.

A brief About Our Services

Contract Testing Services

With emerging threat to environment due to increase in Air, water and earth pollution, it is crucial to monitor and evaluate the pollution level in order to maintain a healthy environment.

Training & Workshop

We have distilled critical knowledge of instrumentation & their application into our range of exciting & interactive short courses. Participants will learn the absolute essentials of each technique through unique multimedia examples & tutorial exercises.